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Tony Habib

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I am a Fullstack Software Engineer and University Lecturer with a strong interest in both developing robust web applications and teaching the fundamentals of software design and implementation.

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About Me

Fullstack Developer | Programming Instructor

With over 4 years of experience as a Fullstack Software Engineer and University Lecturer, I specialize in developing robust web applications and teaching software design and implementation. My journey has been driven by a passion for both creating cutting-edge solutions and educating the next generation of technology professionals. This blend of practical expertise and academic insight allows me to deliver high-quality, user-centric web solutions and inspire students to achieve excellence in the tech industry.

Our Services

Web Development

Launch your business online with customized, responsive web solutions. From idea to implementation, I ensure a smooth journey to a standout digital presence.

Web Design

Collaborate with us and a leading design agency to craft stunning, user-centric websites. Elevate your brand with designs that resonate and engage.

Programming Tutoring

Master C++ and Python basics, and Frontend/Backend Web Development. Practical, hands-on guidance to elevate your coding skills.

Latest Projects

Delivered over 15 successful production projects across various domains

Tevelop Project


An admin dashboard panel is a user interface designed primarily for web administrators to interact with the back-end of a website or web application. It acts as a centralized hub where administrators can monitor system functions, manage content, users, and analyze data.

ATCL Motorsports Project

ATCL Motorsports

The rally points calculation project is a specialized software solution designed to manage and compute rankings and point systems for rally events or competitions. This project serves as a vital tool for event organizers, participants, and motorsport enthusiasts, offering a streamlined and automated approach to scoring and ranking.

Match It Project

Match IT

The project is a sophisticated matching application tailored for a university setting, designed to connect tutors with tutees effectively based on their respective availability and predetermined priority criteria. The primary objective of the application is to facilitate an optimized pairing process that aligns the schedules of tutors and their potential tutees, ensuring that academic support is provided efficiently and seamlessly.

Fitness Club Project

Fitness Club

A professional-grade platform offering an extensive library of animated gym exercises, designed for precision training and performance tracking. Ideal for users seeking structured workout guidance and fitness professionals requiring a reliable tool for client instruction and progress monitoring

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